About Tina Dinsmore Jewelry

Tina has been designing beautiful jewelry since the mid-1990’s when she lived in Tucson, Arizona. A self-taught artist, Tina found her teachers in Native American silversmiths and worked in a jewelry store where she was encouraged to design and sell her own work. Beginning with beaded designs participating in Arts and Crafts festivals. Tina moved to Maine in 2000 where she set up a studio in the Arts District of downtown Portland. Over the years Tina has refined her design an created a body of simple elegant jewelry she is recognized for today. Passionate about the metaphysical properties of natural earth mined gemstones and the crystal structure formation and how they resonate with our own bodies. She selects gems from her vast resource of friends and colleagues who are suppliers from around the globe. Tina can be found at her studio in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.